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Unless otherwise noted, all materials are in near mint condition.
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Also, I'm continually adding to and correcting the pages, so check back often.

Update Section:
October 19th, 2012: Back to updating!
Some more items have been sold, but still lots of books left.
The entire Dragonlance novels section has been updated since I've sold most of them.
Added a book to the Forgotten Realms novels section.

I have both Rulebooks and Novels for sale

TSR/WotC Games:


AD&D Books


AD&D Forgotten Realms Books


AD&D Dragonlance Books


AD&D Ravenloft Books


SAGA Dragonlance Books


AD&D Birthright Books


(Old) D&D Books


Dungeons & Dragons 3.0/3.5

Non TSR/WotC Games:


Call of Cthulhu Books


Ars Magica Books


Vampire: The Masquerade Books


Elric Books


Pathfinder Books


Stormbringer Books

TSR/WotC Novels:


Dragonlance Novels


Forgotten Realms Novels


Other TSR/WotC Novels


Birthright Novels