My friend Danny's drawings

All drawings copyright Danny Hedager Krog

Bet something's wrong

A henchman for our old RPG group

Yet another henchman (collectively known as CFS (Cannon Fodder Squad))

One thing's for sure, they make bad pirates!

As tough as they come

Not the best Elf he has drawn, but okay

BAD, BAD, bad NPC we encountered

Another NPC... hung out with Endeit, so not exactly a nice guy

A Giant (or Jaette in Danish) from Norse mythology

Loveable, isn't he :o)

One of Danny's characters

Another character, a druid from Oerth... unfortunate name though :o)

Awwww, it's cute, isn't it

My tummy feels funny

Some serious calves on this woman

Apparently based on a real life woman he knows

Definately one of his better drawings